In Greek mythology, Caerus was the personification of opportunity. It is in this spirit that we aim to:

  • Guide young aspiring minds to seize the opportunity of a career that will open doors to personal success
  • Educate our youth about career options in an exciting and creative way


Who we are

CaerusPoint is a Florida based video production company with corporate headquarters located in Orlando. We specialize in the production of career guidance educational videos. CaerusPoint's internal capabilities include award winning production; production design and scriptwriting. Another reason why we are able to produce such high quality show such as Major Decision is because of our extremely talented hosts (Michael Sapp & Janette Deschamps) and our close collaboration with highly successful business partners such as:

CaerusPoint is the realization of a vision of two highly successful management consulting leaders with combined experience totaling over 32 years working closely with US Fortune 100 executives.

Our Producers:

Kobie Pieterse is both one of the Producers of Major Decision as well as CEO of CaerusPoint, which he co-founded in 2009. As CEO Kobie oversees Strategy, long range planning and company direction.

Prior to starting CaerusPoint, Kobie was a senior management consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers, and then later on with IBM Global Business Services for more than 15 years. He later became Life Sciences Finance Transformation Leader at IBM. Kobie worked with many fortune 100 companies project managing and overseeing global transformation initiatives. In his 15 years he traveled extensively gaining international experience in more than 15 countries in Life sciences, Entertainment, Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, Steel and Technology.

Kobie received a Bachelor's degree with majors in Accounting, Financial Management and Information Technology from the University of Pretoria in 1990.

Kobie also serves on the Rotary Club of Windermere Board of Directors where he leads the Four-Way-Test competition amongst the local schools.

Chris Botha is both one of the Producers of Major Decision as well as President of CaerusPoint, which he co-founded in 2009. In his role as President, Chris focuses on the day-to-day business activities and oversees the tactical and operational side of the business.

Prior to starting CaerusPoint, Chris held a senior practice lead position at Siemens for more than 8 years. In his role, he managed projects in various industries such as Consumer Packaged Goods, Oil, Chemical, Steel and Telecom, and working with many Fortune 100 companies all over the world. Chris traveled extensively to more than 10 countries and gained experience in Supply Chain Optimization and Production Planning.

In 2005 he co-founded SCM solutions, a company specializing in Supply Chain Management. SCM was acquired by Axon Solutions in 2008, and Chris stayed on as a Senior VP with HCL after their merger with Axon.

Chris received a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Pretoria in 1993.

Based on personal experiences and research related to US school and college graduation levels, we found an opportunity to give back and make a profound difference...


The drive and sense of importance of professional careers found in developing countries such as China, India and South Africa, needs to be re-ignited in the US. Our children are smart and need to be made aware of the world of possibilities that are out there awaiting them.

Our vision is to guide American students to make informed and realistic career decisions that will not only improve their future, but also have a positive impact on the US economy as a whole -  once again making America the world leader for generations to come.

We share a passion and legacy of educated and rapid career development with a sense of urgency to help children realize their own potential, ability and desire to help make America greater


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