CaerusPoint specializes in providing career guidance to high school as well as college students. Our career guidance products will help students make informed decisions about their future career.

Our unique value proposition provides a best in class experience to the aspiring student.
Whether it be through our:

  • satisfaction guaranteed through our portrayal of a typical day in the life each career
  • state of the art products
  • interaction with industry and educators
  • proprietary career ranking system
  • personal touch

..... we bring careers to life.

Show format

The product is in the form of videos, (also available in DVD or streaming), that are shot and produced in HD, and is designed to represent  a typical day in the life for each career.

We portray a day-in-the-life of a career in an exciting and up-beat way. In order to make the featured careers come to life we interview real people in real jobs at real companies. The show, Major Decision, is conducted by two young hosts of diverse ethnicity to whom our target audience can relate and are edited in such a way that it provides the student with an "as realistic as possible" view of a typical day in the life of that career.

Major Decision Trailer
The format includes an in studio introduction section which is conducted by our show hosts discussing the career and where it fits in the industry sector. It is then followed by  an ‘in-field’ section. This portion consists of an interview with someone in the featured field as well as a ‘show-me’ portion. The final section is a wrap-up in studio where our hosts discuss; summarize and rank/grade the career using animated graphics based on our 15 point proprietary ranking system including the following:


  • Job Satisfaction
  • Work-Life Balance / Lifestyle 
  • Earnings potential
  • Career prospects
  • Longevity and demand
  • Years of study and / or training required
  • Average number of hours worked in a typical day
  • Social contribution
  • Transition ability
  • Level of globalization
  • "Green" / Environmental impact
  • Creativity on the job
  • Diversity of work location
  • Networking
  • Working conditions

Below are some of the main features highlighted by our most recent competitive analysis:


Below is a list of careers that we cover in our first series of guidance videos. This list is continuously updated to ensure that we keep our finger on the pulse of technology and career advancement:



Products and service offerings

Season 1:
Our first series of Major Decision comprises of 20 careers spanning 11 Industries. Each episode covers one career and is depicted as a day in the life of that career. Major Decision is conducive to be used to be used by career guidance counselors and home schooling parents as either prescribed or supplemental material during career education at High schools and Colleges. In addition, we have deliberately created each episode to be 22:30 minutes in length to facilitate TV broadcasting.

iPhone / iPad app:
Accessing our range of products/videos is focused on being user-friendly by streaming the videos via our iPhone / iPad app. Through this app users can scroll through the industries, find a career of choice and either view the video or launch the graphics used in the show such as career hierarchies and the related proprietary career rankings.


Through careful editing these videos bring each career to life so students can get an appreciation for the job in the "real world", and not as typically portrayed by Hollywood...


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